My travel make up bag(s)

5 October 2015

Travel Makeup Bags by What Laura did Next
I love to travel (who doesn't) and as weirdly as it may sound, I love packing for trips away - be it business or pleasure, I seem to have it nailed, with it only taking me about half an hour to pack everything (I think it's my amazing organisation skills that I possess). 

Last month, I was away on a work trip (no where glamorous, trust me) and whilst packing I decided to shoot what I tend to take away with me (beauty-wise) when I go away. I try and keep it limited, as toiletries and cosmetics can be a tad heavy. 

Packed up in the cutest Flamingo wash bag/pouch, these are my absolute essentials when travelling. I'm a sucker for miniature versions of things and they are so bloody handy and mean you don't have lots of heavy products to carry. 
Travel Makeup Bags by What Laura did Next
Bag: Muji
I try and really travel light with makeup but, it totally depends what I'm travelling for. I have a one bag only rule for makeup, so these palettes are an absolute space saver when it comes to squeezing them in my luggage. Up until recently, I was just chucking my brushes into a cloth pouch and hoping they'd stay clean (and in the pouch). However, after finding this cosmetics brush case on one of my trips to Muji recently I've been so much happier knowing that they have a proper little home. 

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