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14 October 2015

The Capsule Wardrobe Edit by What Laura did Next
L-R: Shirt: Cos, Trousers: Zara, Jeans: Topshop, Dress: Whistles, Coat: Zara
Ankle Boots: Kurt Geiger London, Trainers: Nike, Lace-up Boots: Carvela Kurt Geiger
Bucket bag: H&MFlats: ASOS, Grey top: Cos, Animal Print Shirt: Cheap Monday
Jumper Dress: ASOS, Backpack: Topshop

There's been a lot of talk on the internet about Capsule wardrobes recently, and I've been paying close attention. Caroline from Un-fancy has inspired a lot of ladies to try this method out - basically, you only have a choice of 37 items per season... and that includes shoes and coats as well. Accessories are exempt if that helps you're sense of panic reduce a little - I know it did for me.

My style doesn't change too much throughout the year - I don't really buy in to trends too much and, I tend to wear the same pieces in my wardrobe but, style them differently. So I already feel as though I'm sort of doing the whole capsule wardrobe thang.

So far, I’ve probably bought less items for this season than the last couple of Winter's...yes, I know we're only in October but usually my jumper drawers are overloaded by now. I tend to purchase a lot more than I would in the warmer months. I'm a huge Winter coat fiend - I can't just have one so, I've limited myself to two coats for this. Believe me, that's pretty good for me especially as i've been swooning over about six coats in Zara's AW15 collection in the last few weeks. That brand can do no wrong.

For me, footwear is important in Winter - I like to have a collection of boots and a couple of pairs of flats/heels as well. I'm not talking about a shoe collection that's on par with the Kardashian women, but enough to feel like I can change it up when I want to. Kurt Geiger's boot collection for AW15 is totally awesome, so a couple of pairs from there will see me through a few winters I reckon.

In terms of basics and a few stylish items, I tend to head to my beloved Cos and Whistles. They're a little on the pricey side but, the quality is so good and when you're limiting yourself to wardrobe items, I think quality is hands down the winning factor when choosing your pieces.

In summary, it’s not too crazy a overhaul. I’ve still gone through the usual process I do each season of getting every item out of the wardrobe, trying it on, and either putting it back in the wardrobe, in the bin, giving it to a local charity shop, or saving it for selling. I'm not going to commit to trialling this concept out fully BUT, after spending some time reading up about it, I’ve decided to go down the not-so-capsule route (i.e: I am going to try it out but not stick to the rules too much). For me, this is an opportunity to adapt the capsule wardrobe approach gradually, and save some pennies whilst I'm at it.

Let's see how I get on....

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