Mother's Day Gift Guide

24 February 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide by What Laura did Next

My mum is bloody, ruddy awesome. In fact, I'll go as far as saying she's a legend.

I mean, we've had some cracking arguments over the years but, I know I can always rely on her for pretty much anything.

Having been diagnosed with Cancer last September, she is currently undergoing treatment. It has been a very hard time for her, but she has stayed so positive throughout - even during some particularly dark times which, is such an inspiration and makes you realise how important life is.

I've put together a few Mother's Day gift ideas with my mum in mind. My brother and I don't live at home anymore but, that doesn't mean my mum doesn't need a day off. Like all mums she ran around after me and my brother for a very long time so, she deserves to be spoilt.

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