New York, New York

22 February 2016

New York, New York by What Laura did Next
You may have guessed by the title but, a couple of weeks ago I spontaneously booked a trip to New York! 

My best friend is getting married over there, and initially I didn't think I'd be able to make it for various reasons. However after a bit of a pep talk from the boy I thought "F**k it, I'm going.

So I booked. 

I've been before but a long time ago. Back in the day when beauty wasn't really a big deal to me and I wasn't too fussed about where I ate.

However, things have changed. BIG time. 

This is where you lovely people come in.

After the wedding festivities, I'll have around 3 days to explore, shop and eat. ANY recommendations are most welcome - including any beauty products I should get - Sephora and a few drug stores are going to get a big visit for sure!

So comment below, tweet me or email me with recommendations! I'm heading off in three weeks, so I have a little time to plan.

And of course, I'll be documenting everywhere I go on here and Instagram.

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