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16 September 2015

The Workwear Edit by What Laura did Next
Most of you will be reading this, and have had the same thought that crosses my mind every morning. 

What shall I wear today?

I'm putting my hand up and admitting to the fact that I will have a morning wardrobe-based tantrum at least once a week which always has me stomping around my bedroom and shouting "I have nothing to wear" 

Which, in fact is so untrue and always has my boyfriend reassuring me that I do indeed have something to wear and to stop being so dramatic.

I tend to shop for simple, yet stylish pieces that I can wear with different things throughout the week. For example, having a couple of white shirts/blouses in your wardrobe can go along way - paired with trousers, skirts, jeans and even under some styles of dresses - it's the perfect wardrobe staple to start with. 

The British high street have some great pieces both in store and online. I tend to start with the brands below when shopping for some work- wardrobe pieces. 

Finery London (above)
If you're a regular WLDN reader, you'll remember my post on this brand back in May. My love for Finery continues to grow as quickly as their collections do. They're online only but, the fit and quality is spot on plus, delivery is quick!

To say I'm a huge fan of this brand is an understatement - I can't go into a Cos store without coming back out with a purchase! I love their pieces and, although I only have tops and dresses from them, their trousers and other bits are so lovely and fit like a dream to. 
The Workwear Edit by What Laura did Next
A little more at the high end of the high street, Whistles is a great place for that 'investment' piece you'll have in your wardrobe for years. I find their collections get better each season - they're also the brand that has pieces that you can wear to the office but, also for drinks after work without looking too 'Friday night early' at your desk. Perfect.
The Workwear Edit by What Laura did Next
The place where 9-5'vers flock to for a smart, but on-trend look. Topshop is great for affordable pieces and keeping up with the current trends, if that's your thang....
The Workwear Edit by What Laura did Next
One of my favourite high street stores, Zara is perfect for any occasion. I tend to go here when I need something a little smarter than normal but don't want to spend a fortune. I just wish their sizing was a little better. The day I can fit my hips into one of their gorgeous A-line skirts will be a triumph....
The Workwear Edit by What Laura did Next
Finding something to wear each morning should not be a stressful start to the day. These brands, plus many more including Zara, River Island and ASOS have our backs from now on. 

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