Flower Workshop

15 July 2016

Flower Workshop by Laura Lewis
As I’m sure I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m doing my own wedding flowers - from table arrangements to buttonholes and my own bouquet. As you may have seen in last week's flower related post, I did my friend's wedding flowers in New York and they went pretty well. 

I decided that I wanted a bit more practice before my wedding so last month, I booked myself onto a hand-tied Summer Bouquet flower arranging workshop with the lovely Katie from Flower Show Presents. Katie has been working with flowers for over ten years, and has set up flower workshops for people like me who love to express their creativity with flowers and want to learn more on arranging them. 
Flower Workshop by Laura LewisFlower Workshop by Laura LewisFlower Workshop by Laura Lewis
Katie talks you through the steps very carefully, and is on hand if you get stuck. She gave me some great advice for doing my own wedding flowers, which will come in so handy. 
Flower Workshop by Laura Lewis
Flower Workshop by Laura Lewis
Here are a couple of tips I picked up from Katie;
  • Keep them in a light environment but, not not in the direct sun and heat. This can brown the petals. 
  • To give them a bit more longevity, trim the stems after a few days and give them clean water.
Flower Workshop by Laura Lewis
If like me you like flower arranging, I can highly recommend signing up to a workshop. Katie does them all over Sussex, so give her a website a look to see when her next one is. She also does hen parties, which sounds like a fab idea!  

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