Morgan Taylor Street Beat Collection

10 July 2016

Morgan Taylor Summer Beat Collection by Laura Lewis
Summer is coming and even though it’s not been a great start weather-wise, I’m still excited to try out all the summery nail polishes on my toes. 

I was kindly sent the new Morgan Taylor Street Beat collection, and over the last couple of weeks I’ve been giving them a good old testing. 

With six new shades including a crisp, striking coral, powerful pink pearl, fierce teal, wild style yellow orange crème, and more.

The collection is made up of six new shades– two crème, and four with contrasting shimmers all are very vibrant and perfect for the Summer. Here’s the lowdown on each one;
Morgan Taylor Summer Beat Collection by Laura Lewis
B-Girl Style 
A Barbie pink neon colour, with a blueish-purple shimmer. I love wearing this on my toes

Cou-tour The Streets 
A bubblegum pink crème, this colour is very soft and a nice break in the collection from the other bright colours. 

Give Me A Break-Dance 
A teal colour with a slight pearl shimmer. I tend to stick to my usual pinks / reds / nudes when it comes to my nails. This shade is gorgeous when applied but, not for me. 

Street Cred-ible 
A sunflower yellow colour, although it is more neon than a sunflower! I’d say my least favourite of the collection and also the most difficult shade to apply.

Hip Hot Coral 
This beats Essie’s Lounge Lover hands down! A hot coral colour with a golden shimmer – the perfect Summer shade! 

Tag, You’re It 
A hot neon pink polish with a slight blueish shimmer. Perfect for the toes but, I wouldn’t necessarily wear it on my fingers
Morgan Taylor Summer Beat Collection by Laura Lewis
The collection is definitely one to try if you're looking for some new Summer shades to add to your collection.

The Morgan Taylor Street Beat Collection is available from here now. 

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